VW Motorsport enters 10th year in India, unleashes rear-engine RWD Polo!


2019 marks ten years of Volkswagen Motorsport in India. Volkswagen has been a vivacious part of the Indian Motorsport scene commencing with the Polo Cup one-make series in 2010, fielding 1.6-litre a hundred thirty PS Polos. In 2012, the diesel engines gave way to at least one.4-litre rapid petrol gadgets with an output of one hundred eighty PS while transmission duties were transferred to DSG auto ‘packing containers to bridge the distance between their Indian and global racing programs.

The VW Vento took over from the Polo in 2015, carrying the same drivetrain. Volkswagen’s motorsport program in India took a giant leap in 2017 with the appearance of the Ameo Cup motors. Giant because VW turned into fielding a very localized race car constructed from the ground up at its facility in Chakan, Pune. The race-spec Ameo also marked the debut of the 1.8-liter TSI petrol mill mated with a sequential gearbox with paddle shifters churning out 205PS making it the maximum effective automobile ever constructed using the group.

VW Motorsport enters 10th year in India, unleashes rear-engine RWD Polo! 1

VW Motorsport’s Customer Support initiative builds rally vehicles for customers looking to participate in the Indian National Rally Championship (INRC). It builds rally-spec Polos for the INRC1, INRC2, and INRC3 classes and offers aid and spares at rally rounds across u. S. Besides rallying, the Customer Support initiative has additionally visible the introduction of the Vento ITC with a 1.Eight-litre TSI petrol restrained to 205PS. A Track Day by-product of the same without the faster regulations makes upwards of 230PS.

Winter Project

To mark its 10th 12 months in India, Volkswagen Motorsport went all out and created the “Winter Project.” Unrestricted through any racing guidelines, this song day device based totally on the Polo’s frame shell features a rear-established 1.8-liter TSI petrol from the Ameo Cup automobile powering the rear wheels. Like the race-spec Ameo, the “Winter Project,” aka Polo RX, boasts a sequential shifter managed with steering installed paddles.

Extensive paintings needed to be achieved to deal with the format with the creation of mounts for the engine, gearbox, and suspension on the lower back. With the intercooler occupying the gap traditionally utilized by the gas tank, the latter had to be moved to the front. The rear-engine, rear-wheel power layout enables the auto’s dynamic capabilities leaving the front wheels to focus on turn-ins even as the driven rear wheels, with the load of the engine and other additives in the returned, advantage from the expanded grip.

Speaking approximately this special introduction, Mr. Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India, stated, “I am extremely enthusiastic about our ‘Winter Project’ vehicle! It is commendable how the team has controlled to tug off this task with constrained admission to excessive stop software programs and technology. Moreover, young engineers and technicians within the crew have shown real caliber using getting this masterpiece prepared in much less than 3 weeks!”

For now, the Polo RX can be commissioned via customers for track day functions. In the future, even though the agency says the auto may be tailored to rules to shape numerous styles of motorsports along with autocross, circuit racing, or rallying.