After what turned into, in all likelihood, the sneakiest of teasers, VW Motorsport India has, in the end, taking the wraps off their today’s machine – , a rear-engined, rear-wheel power Polo. Undertaken as an engineering workout among racing seasons, and accordingly christened a ‘wintry weather mission’ through VW Motorsport, it turned into developed in-residence through the group-based totally at the VW plant Chakan, Pune. It additionally marks the tenth anniversary of operations for VW Motorsport in India, retracing a improvement course from the Ameo to the Vento and the very first Polo Cup motors.

The Polo ‘winter task’ is for track use most effective and borrows the 1.Eight-litre TSI and sequential racing gearbox from the modern season’s Ameo Cup automobile, except the engineers have relocated it to the rear of the car. To achieve this, the fuel cellular turned into moved from the boot of the auto to under the hood. Accordingly, the turbo intercooler is located where the rear seats could be.

VW Motorsport has made great adjustments to the suspension mounting points and geometry to manage the ‘wintry weather undertaking’ to a desirable balance. With the flow of the powertrain to the rear, placing the weight over the rear wheels, the Polo Cup vehicle’s already short turn-in should be even extra reactive. This, however, means the ‘iciness undertaking’ need to make for a greater concerning pressure than the tremendously forgiving setup VW Motorsport runs in its championship automobiles.

This car comes beneath VW Motorsport’s Customer Sports software umbrella, which incorporates making ready championship-prepared vehicles to be used in each tarmac and rally motorsport occasions in India, along with the Polo Group N, Polo R2, and newly-advanced Vento ITC vehicle. We’re informed this one-off target vehicle is for sale, and VW Motorsport can also increase a made-to-order racecar, as in keeping with specs.