Liberty County baseball takes the field after tragic loss of head train


At Maclay High School, the network of Liberty County watched their boys take the sphere, almost one week after they misplaced their liked educate. The boys played their first sport, after the loss of their Coach Crum. As the group cheers on, the Liberty County team is ready to play a few “Bulldog” baseball. Mannie Stafford, the Head Coach for the Liberty County baseball group, looks forward to being returned on the field, “I assume we had been equipped to play today. The kids were pretty excited they have been forming of wanting to show the work that Coach Crum had laid out for us at some point of the season, the difficult work and the willpower and giving it 110%..

As Roger Reddick shares, it shows the energy of this crew and network, “You turn and spot those humans here. It is simply excellent the spirit this county indicates.” In the stands, those from Liberty County, following the Crums’ example, treating those children as their own. “These children, even though humans here do not have children, those nevertheless their children, and it’s just a huge own family thing here, and the Crums are a big a part of that, they made this community grow to be virtually closed,” Reddick says. The family was emotional at the game,

Liberty County baseball takes the field after tragic loss of head train 1

Seeing firsthand the impact that their cherished ones had on others. Coach Corey Crum’s cousin, Caleb Crum, expresses, “It suggests how tons they supposed to the network and what they’ve executed. And they’re right, humans. There’s no different phrase for it.” And with each pitch and swing of a bat, the love and aid for the Crum family are felt in the course of the ballpark. Reddick describes, “It’s just something you have to see it and sense it, you sense the affection of the network, and it’s a first-rate factor.”