Central Valley car racing functions new sprint car series

SANFORD — The inexperienced flag waves on a brand new bankruptcy of dust-music racing legacy inside the Central Valley Saturday night at Keller Auto Speedway.  For the primary time, two of the Central Valley’s most iconic and enduring dust tracks have teamed up to host a moneymaking, conjoined championship collection. The all-new Kings of Thunder Winged 360 Sprint Car series spans 14 races, among Keller Auto Speedway and The Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl.  Round, one of the inaugural King of Thunder marketing campaigns, kicks off Saturday night at Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford.  Eight activities are scheduled to take place at Keller Auto Speedway, starting with Saturday’s establishing round.
From there, the collection shifts to Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway jogging alongside the World of Outlaws Saturday, March 9.  “We are surely excited to shape this two-song series for the approaching 2019 season,” Brandon “Bubby” Morse, promoter of Keller Auto Speedway, said. “We have a notable organization of racers down here in the Central Valley and surely believe this could add a lift to the Winged 360 Sprint Car packages at both Keller Auto Speedway and Thunderbowl Raceway.”
Central Valley car racing functions new sprint car series 1
The new series might contest for a $10,000 championship prize and be topped the inaugural “King of Thunder.” The series permits throwaway races to deal with local racers competing in the traveling collection. In all, there are the handiest three total conflicts with other California series all year.  For Thunderbowl Raceway, a standalone collection is something it is in no way needed to depend on with the immense recognition of the activities that visit the tune. However, recent boom and recognition of the upstart 360 series and the level of weekly competition at different California tracks, the circulation was quality to retake the Central Valley to racing prominence.  “This is a superb step for all concerned using tying in a Winged 360 Sprint Car factor collection for each Hanford and Tulare,” Scott Woodhouse, Thunderbowl Raceway Director of Events, stated. “The teams we have spoken with already are very enthused approximately the Kings of Thunder Series, and we are hoping to peer it develop.”
Central Valley standouts are anticipated to be out in full pressure, such as multi-time Keller Auto Speedway winners DJ Netto and Dominic Scelzi; also planned is final yr’s Kings Speedway music champion, Mathew Moles, and series runner-up Cole Macedo, who will be driving the infamous, Easton primarily based Tarlton 21. The collection is also predicted to be contested with the aid of the next technology — sons of former music champions as nicely. Of them are inclusive of Tucker Worth, the son of the former champ, Tim Worth. Steven Kent, son of 4-time Kings Speedway Champion, Steve Kent. Mitchell Faccinto, the two-time defending Cotton Classic Champion and son of an 8-time champion, Monte Faccinto.  It all begins Saturday night with round one of the inaugural Kings of Thunder Winged 360 collection from Kings Speedway. In addition to the 360 Sprints may be IMCA recreation mod Division and the Western Race Saver 305 class. Pit gates open at 1 p.M., the ticket sales space opens at four p.M.
Kings of Thunder Winged 360 Sprint Car Series 2019 schedule  1. Saturday, February 23: Keller Auto Speedway  2. Saturday, March nine: Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway (along with World of Outlaws)  three. Saturday, April 20: Keller Auto Speedway  4. Saturday, April 27: Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway five. Saturday, May 4: Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway  6. Saturday, May eleven: Keller Auto Speedway  7. Friday, May 17: Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway (Peter Murphy Classic with SCCT)  8. Saturday, May 18: Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway (Peter Murphy Classic with SCCT)  nine. Saturday, June 15: Keller Auto Speedway (with Sprint Car Challenge Tour)  10. Saturday, June 22: Keller Auto Speedway  11. Saturday, August 10: Keller Auto Speedway  12. Saturday, September 7: Keller Auto Speedway  13. Saturday, September 28: Merle Stone Chevrolet Thunderbowl Raceway  14. Saturday, October 12: Keller Auto Speedway (Cotton Classic with SCCT)  Saturday, November 16: Keller Auto Speedway (Winged 360 Turkey Night non-factors)