UCLA Basketball: Don’t Blame the Players


The UCLA Bruins guys’ basketball crew had the weirdest season in recent reminiscence. There had been blowout losses, comeback wins, and a horrible set offense with two head coaches, and all of this came about while leading the conference in scoring. The only element every person can agree on is this yr’s team underachieved. If for no other motive, it becomes ranked top 25 preseasons and picked second inside the Pac-12. So what occurred? While all agree that the coaches had been in charge to a degree, some here must come to the belief that the gamers are puffed up and headcases. I strongly disagree. This crew is distinctly gifted and would have without difficulty executed those preseason desires with an amazing instruct. I will use three underachievers as an example: the ultimate Alford participant and Murry Bartow’s two favorites.

UCLA Basketball: Don’t Blame the Players 1

A long time in the past, BritishBruin published how it takes bigs longer to emerge as top players. Ironically, in a few manners, the UCLA player Moses Brown is most similar to is Ryan Hollins and Hollins is a great example. Ryan became an excessive school song athlete. He turned into lengthy and will jump out of the building. He becomes a mediocre Pac-12 participant, however, all through his senior year, the mild bulb went off, and he keyed a run to the championship recreation. He also went on to an extended seasoned profession. Moses is doubtlessly a great deal higher than Hollins. So, why became Moses a liability at instances at the court? Let me start by way of talking about his defense. Moses honestly struggled in guy-to-guy. It becomes smooth for me to peer why. You want Moses near the basket. Bartow could frequently speak how he desired to play Brown greater minutes. However, the crew often becomes better with Jalen Hill and even Alex Olesinski at the court docket. The reason is simple: Moses has in no way performed genuine man-to-guy. My toddler went via the same aspect in rec or house league. My child changed into the tallest in the league. My toddler’s team changed into superb, and when they performed man-to-guy, he could position my child on one of the worst players and tell my youngster to sag off to help. The crew did well; however, then came All-Stars. My infant changed into forced to play real guy-to-guy in opposition to an amazing player. My infant becomes torn aside on protection because he had spent the year sagging off and supporting. Moses is infinitely higher than my kid, but he has played his whole life further. His first job became rim protector. He, in all likelihood, in no way played in a 3-2 zone. And, to be clean, he’s quick for a massive.

He may want to do it but become in no way coached on the way to do it. Bartow cherished Brown a lot that he saved UCLA in quarter strictly for almost the whole season when they have to have been in man-to-guy. It becomes bad for UCLA and bad lengthy-term for Brown as he found out very little. In 20 Pac-12 games, Moses Brown had three assists. That’s tough to do. He never surpassed. Again, in high school, while he got the ball, it changed throughout. He turned into taller, longer, and more athletic than absolutely everyone he performed in opposition to. Now, within the Pac-12, it’s simple. Brown doesn’t pass. If he receives the ball, opponents triple-team him, and it’s smooth peasy to neutralize him. As a result, he additionally pressured a lot of bad pictures. A suitable train might teach him how to play guy defense, bypass, and do little things like proper footwork and getting to the proper spots. Bartow emphasized quarter and feeding the submit, not interior and out. Jalen Hill outplayed him because he knew a way to play man-to-man, and he surpassed. But Brown has a miles better ceiling than Hill and maybe a superb Pac-12 participant. He needs to have a better-seasoned profession than Hollins.

However, he wishes for the right education. Jules Bernard Bartow had a man overwhelm Jules Bernard. He loved how he performed and endorsed Bernard to play with what Bartow called “reckless abandon.” Are you kidding me? This is like telling an amazing white shark to kill more things. Bernard’s hassle was that he went for the kill too regularly. He could drive to the hoop while it was one on three on a regular foundation. One stat that kind of tells that tale is free-to-throw attempts. He had 21 free throw tries in 11 street or inactive court docket Pac-12 video games and 35 in 9 national video games. At domestic, you get bailed out on the drives with a bad name. On the street, not so much. Bernard was a ball stopper and non-passer. I want to think about Bernard like Sidney Wicks. No, Bernard will by no means be that true. However, he needs to study that, simply due to the fact you are so excellent that you may score one-on-three, it doesn’t suggest you should try to achieve this. One of my favored Coach Wooden memories changed while Sidney Wicks begged Wooden to shoot similarly out.

After weeks of begging, Wooden relented and instructed Wicks if he could make ten shots in a row from an also out a spot in practice, he could do it. Wicks made nine in a row and neglected the 10th. So, the answer became nonetheless “no.” But Wooden was still happy because Wicks was so correct he may want to hit that shot. Moreover, think about it from Bernard’s attitude. He is so exact that he can rate at times one-on-3 within the Pac-12. How do you suspect that you worked in a high school? Do you think they could forestall him? And for some other tale on my same youngster. One recreation two of the pleasant players lacked; the train informed the crew to get the ball and get it to my toddler to shoot at every threat. My kid outscored the opposite crew and had a profession high in a win. The subsequent week my child was awful and had a terrible sport. Part of it changed into the other group become higher. However, part of it changed into my child’s forcing shots and not being ready to move again to be the group’s second or 0.33 choice. Again, Bernard is infinitely higher, but there is absolute confidence that, for a maximum of his life, Bernard one-on-three has been a higher option than his teammates.

Bernard turned into sick-served through Bartow telling him to play with “reckless abandon.” Bernard has a first-rate 3-factor stroke, and he wishes to learn how to pick his spots. His effort is off the charts, and an excellent instruct would like him AND teach him to play inside an offense. As it became, he turned into outplayed with the aid of David Singleton, who hit the open threes and, typically, handiest took accurate pictures. Singleton understood he becomes, at exceptional, the 0.33 alternative and did not assume “shoot” every time he touched the ball. Cody Riley While Brown and Bernard were Bartow’s favorites, Riley became, in all likelihood, the participant who paid the most for the education trade. In some ways, Riley became an Alford preferred and became in Bartow’s dog residence. Alford loves a stretch four. A quantity of them is inside the pros now. His first massive recruit that becomes a 100% on Alford was Kevon Looney. TJ Leaf positioned up some of the all-time nice numbers main UCLA in shooting sixty-eight % from the field and forty-seven % from three. But it is the other Alford seasoned four that Cody might also have the maximum in commonplace: Jonah Bolden.

Bolden played for UCLA for one tumultuous season where he was healthy, yet he is gambling the most NBA minutes of any player on that 2015-16 group that had a losing report. Bolden neglected his first season for educational reasons. In his 2d season, he turned suspended for the first recreation. Riley got off to a similar difficult beginning. He became suspended then injured. But, as Bolden changed into handed via Tony Parker playing out of function or Gregory Goloman, who turned into slated to start in front of him earlier than accidents, Riley underneath Bartow become an afterthought finishing the season with Alex Olesinski gambling in front of him within the rotation. Now, Bolden was a first-rate athlete. Riley is more of a huge man who can do all of it, at the least on paper. Riley can play again to the basket, hit an open 3, skip, dribble, and many others. He seems like the correct Steve Alford stretch 4, but here is the factor, Riley, like Bolden his 2nd yr, does now not take into account that he’s the fourth or 5th alternative on offense. No, Riley, we don’t want you to submit up and score.

We want you to rebound the Moses Brown miss while your guy double groups Moses. No, Cody, we don’t want you to power to the basket a lot Angeles Jules Bernard, but we do need you to hold your guy out of the lane so Bernard can pressure. And, most of all, we need your huge body for protection. Both Moses Brown and Jalen Hill rebounded on miles higher in keeping with minute foundation than Riley. Riley is also the man most harm through the terrible set offense. UCLA’s rush offense did not shape Riley’s recreation. Riley is also the guy that is hardest to discern out. He can bury an open 3. However, he is second-worst to Brown at shooting free throws. He is an actual accurate passer for a big guy but turned into a turnover machine this yr. The upside of Riley is excessive. It will take the proper education to get him there. Unlike Bernard or Brown, it’s miles much less of a certain component, but a man like Riley indicates ability that will be advanced by using the right teaching.

As it is, this season, Alex Olesinski becomes a higher alternative at the court docket. Alex understood that he changed into always the fifth alternative. In the last sport, while Moses had the ball and Alex’s guy went to double crew, Alex, understanding Brown, changed into a mortal lock to shoot, crashed the boards, and get a tip-in bucket when Brown ignored. Alex became smart, but UCLA’s offense turned into not. No offense to Alex, but Riley has miles a higher ceiling. The Bottom Line The backside line is all 3 of these guys have the potential to be All-Pac-12 players, and, in Brown’s case, he has the potential for a long career. The trouble was that Alford and Bartow in no way taught, in reality, coached or used them correctly. And it is not simply their fault. As I tried to show with Brown and Bernard, I have no doubt they’re playing the way they have always been coached. That doesn’t make paintings at this level. With the right teaching, this crew ought to have surpassed preseason expectancies. Ultimately, like Oregon, which simply won the Pac-12 Tournament without their satisfactory player, indicates education topics.