WATCH: Why these children gained’t surrender on golf


This left Prince Modiba with a undertaking: how do you get children interested in the game? When he began educating young people in Soweto, he needed to construct their curiosity and abilities from the floor up. But Modiba controlled to pique their attention, motivating the youngsters to return lower back and research greater. In a network in which golfing was once inaccessible, Modiba gives them the chance to swing for fulfillment.

Growing up with a professional participant for a father, golf changed into principal to Modiba’s adolescence. “I knew golfing changed into going to be a large part of my existence once I won in opposition to my dad,” he says. Modiba labored his way as much as turning into a PGA expert. But he saw how it was common people with money who may want to take to the greens. So Modiba determined to open the doors for teens to access the game with the Andrew Mlangeni Golf Academy.

WATCH: Why these children gained’t surrender on golf 1

Founded in 2015, it’s the first of its kind in Soweto. “I came down here to bring my knowledge and abilties,” Modiba says. He coaches over 60 youngsters, enhancing their talents in the game. Today, they compete in national tournaments. “Some of the guys around Soweto have in no way been on a aircraft, so already it’s converting lives,”

Modiba says.  While they’re accomplishing new heights, Modiba and his team nevertheless face demanding situations. They’ve needed to cut down the scale of the academy because of a lack of investment. But the children usually show up with the understanding that they’re now not just turning into golfing professionals but developing as individuals. “It’s great to peer the willingness and determination from the children to come back via,” Modiba says. With his thoughts set on creating the same possibility, Modiba is riding our children to promising futures.