Syed Saddiq: Don’t Blame PUBG for Acts of Terror, Game Has Nothing to Do With Violence


If you’ve been a gamer long enough, you will, in all likelihood, heard a whole slew of accusations approximately the evils of gaming. Bad eyesight, poor sleep, bad interest span, loss of exercising, terrible social skills, and now seemingly, terrorism.

In the wake of the Christchurch attack, positive people call for the popular conflict-royale game PUBG to be banned. They claim that the game will brainwash gamers to love war and violence and possibly improve younger “terrorists.”

However,  Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq isn’t always convinced by means of this. Syed, an ardent supporter of e-sports activities, has spoken out in opposition to such talk approximately bans, announcing, “Trust me, whether or not or not there are such online games, humans with extremist ideals will nonetheless perform violent acts.”

According to The Star, the young minister requested if the tragic Christchurch mosque shootings would cause the authorities to ban games with “violent” themes, including PUBG.

Syed Saddiq: Don’t Blame PUBG for Acts of Terror, Game Has Nothing to Do With Violence 1

Syed acknowledged the tragedy and restated his stance that online games had no reference to the assault.

“This (the incident) is greater than that. We need to pay our respects to the ones who have misplaced their lives but don’t be too short responsible online games.”

“Does it imply that we must ban all games with capturing elements? I think the shooting in Christchurch is larger than that,” he said, as said by NST.

Although he brought that such acts of terror ought to be denounced via the arena, he reasoned that such terrorist assaults predate online video games, announcing, “Even before PUBG, these sorts of acts passed off.”

It’s thrilling to observe that the Christchurch shooter actually referred to online games jokingly in his manifesto; but, maximum internet-savvy humans have known it as a comic story, notwithstanding confusion throughout the media. These jokes have played a component in stoking hysteria that video games cause violence and terrorism.

Regardless, there appears to be significant grievance of the ban, with netizens speaking out against such proposals with some quite tongue-in-cheek statements.