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In today’s world, technical things took over everything. Making payments to Ordering food, Booking can to doing classes everything is going on over the internet. In this racing, gaming is very demanding. There are so many types of gaming apps available on the internet. Fighting, racing, puzzle, quiz, barbie games, every type of game are available.

So, if you love to play games like puzzles, tile-matching, finding differences, here is a gaming app for you, HuniePop.


Huniepop is a tile-matching game and dating sim adult video game created by American game designer Ryan Koons. He did it under the alias of HuniePop. In January 2015, he released the game for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux-based personal computers. The game was released after funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game, HuniePop was released in two different versions. One is an uncensored version by Humble Bundle and MangaGamer. Another one is a censored version by Steam. The next level of the game follows the main character’ as they try to woo many different women in their hometown.


In February 2015, Kons released an update that gave HuniePop a new ending that unlocks options that makes it easier for players to fill out a female character’s profile and select date location, among the options. But the game was blocked for players for streaming gameplay footage of the title since it had strong sexual content and themes, regardless of blocking some version of the game after looking at which version should be played or should not be played.

So want to play games like HuniePop? Here are some games like HuniePop mentioned below.

There are so many games like Huniepop.

Games like HuniePop:

1. Mirror:

  • Single-player
  • Steam achievements
  • Steam trading cards
  • Steam cloud
  • Remote play on a phone
  • Remote play on a tablet

> Genre: Adventure, Indie

> Developer: KAGAMI Works

> Publisher: Paradise Project

> Release date: 19 April 2018


There is a magic mirror in the game, which leads to a world of so many beautiful girls.

After playing to the last level, you will be eligible to go into the world of beautiful girls and will experience a super magical journey.

There is a dark elf born in a noble family among those girls but has a rebellious nature. She loves bringing wealth and justice to poor people after robbing the rich and giving to the poor.

There is the shrine maiden, who keeps Kyoto in peace will serve God for her whole life.

2.Crush Crush:

  • Singleplayer
  • SteamAchievments
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • In-App purchase
  • Stats
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Remote play on a phone
  • Remote play on a tablet

> Genre: Casual, Free to play

> Developer: Sad Pandas Studios

> Publisher: Sad Pandas Studios

> Release Date: 13 May 2016

Crush Crush

Hello gamer guys, Do you want to play a game that is full of fun as well as a flirt. Also, do you like to kill someone in the game and have fun? That is a cool coincidence because we found the game for you!

Crush-Crush is the super dating game. Begin the game to win the hearts of two beautiful girls. Impress the girls by building your status, unlocking jobs, and earning promotions. Then, have romantic dates with them, giving thoughtful gifts, and have a tickle fight or two. Work your way up from Friendly enemy to Lover, and unlock numerous amazing content along the way.


>> There will be 40(and counting) beautiful girls to unlock by level.

>> You have to collect over 300 high-resolution pinups, including “saucy” pics, for reaching Lover status.

>> Over 1,40,000 lines of dialogue fully voiced by an incredibly charming cast of actresses.

>> So many special outfits to dress your wives in.

>> Have a bear for some reason.

>> The “Time Blocks” can advance your progress even while you are not playing.

>> There are options for in-game purchases to help boost your progress even faster!

3. Nekopara vol.1

  • Single-player
  • Steam achievements
  • Steam trading cards
  • Steam cloud
  • Remote play on a phone
  • Remote play on a tablet

> Genre: Casual, Indie

> Developer: Neko works

> Publisher: Sekai Project

> Release Date: 30 Dec 2014

Nekopara vol.1

What is Nekopara? Why is it a cat paradise! Kashou Menaduki, the son of a long Japanese confection maker, moved out to open his shop ‘La Soleil’ as a patisserie.

But after moving out, among the things of him, there were two catgirls named Chocola and Vanilla whom the family had been raising. When he tried to send them back, both of them requested, again and again, until he gave up, and now they have opened La Soleil together.

With two catgirls who love their master, trying their very best and occasionally failing, a heartful comedy opens for business.

Seen the Sayori Neko Works’ mascots Chocola and Vanilla like never before, moving, and in full voice on screen. And now, with the E-mote systems, the characters smoothly move on the screen, changing expressions and poses in countless ways.

4. The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me

  • Single-player
  • Steam achievements
  • Steam trading cards
  • Steam cloud

> Genre: Adventure

> Developer: Smile

> Publisher: Sekai Project

> Release Date: 26 Oct 2018

Ren’s virginity is in danger!

The Ditzy Demons Are In Love With Me

His childhood friend Riria was trying to take off his clothes and begging to touch him. She is a virgin and was feeling embarrassed for not having any sexual experience at her age.

He was immediately pushed into the school’s special dormitory. Unfortunately, it was a girl’s dormitory full of useless demons:

Yuu, the yuki-onna, who has extreme sensitivity to cold;

Arle, the mummy girl who is uncomfortable with tightness and loves the feeling of freedom;

Emiri, the hopeless angel who has no sense of modesty and who is also his step-sister; and,

Miyabi, the witch, passionately develops a love drug to bring happiness to the world.

The dormitory was built to restore them to normal conditions. And since he was moved there by mistake, he was assigned to watch over them. So his happy and troubled days as a teacher for these cute but incompetents demons have started.

So, gamers or non-gamers, are you willing to play games like HuniePop? Above mentioned games are the games like HuniePop. There are several games like HunieoPop are there which are free of cost. If you don’t want to pay, you can go for those available free games. But paid games like HuniePop will give you more features and enjoyment.

So, play according to your choice and Enjoy.