India ladies’s senior team hails 2020 U-17 World Cup nod


BIRATNAGAR (Nepal): The girls’ national football group hailed FIFA’s choice to provide the 2020 U-17 World Cup to India, calling it a “sport-changer.” On Friday, FIFA introduced India because of the hosts for the tournament. It will be the second FIFA World Cup occasion being held in India in four years – the first being the U-17 World Cup in 2017. “My initial response became ‘wow’!” said head train Maymol Rocky before stating that web hosting the World Cup may be a massive step in developing the game and growing its reputation, specifically among girls. “I am thrilled that an Indian women’s team will participate in a World Cup for the very first time.

Coach Maymol also stated that like the U-17 World Cup, this competition would pave the manner for the game to develop pan-India. “The U-17 World Cup in 2017 was a huge fulfillment, and this is a danger to hold forward the terrific paintings,” she stated. She added, “It has helped spread the sport throughout the united states of America, and we’ve got seen a few brilliant competencies come out from that crew as nicely. It will increase cognizance approximately girls’ football and within the system, create a bigger base for next age-institution and senior countrywide groups – which is good for us as coaches as well,” she said.

India ladies's senior team hails 2020 U-17 World Cup nod 1

We can count on the same from the women’ crew to be able to play in 2020, and a few years down the road, it’ll handiest assist add extra best within the senior group as properly.” Goalkeeper Aditi Chauhan hailed the news as a “sport-changer” for the game in India. “I’m very excited that India will host the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup subsequent,” she said. “It could be a golden opportunity for the ladies to step up and alternate the way girls’ football is checked out in our country. We are already moving in an excellent direction, and this World Cup will boost up the manner and maybe a real recreation-changer for us,” the custodian added. Defender Dalima Chhibber opined that the opportunity to play in a World Cup would promote participation from women in the sport. She stated, “The World Cup could be a great platform for younger girls. I experience that this will encourage mother and father to guide their kids in playing soccer and push greater youngsters to soak up the game.”