More leaks determined at Longmont’s Centennial Swimming Pool



Pool restore updates Information approximately the reputation of Centennial Swimming Pool is available at tinyurl.Com/yaxs2vmu. The discovery of more leaks at Longmont’s Centennial Swimming Pool has added any other delay in reopening the facility that has already

More leaks determined at Longmont's Centennial Swimming Pool 1

been closed for repairs for more great than seven months. “We are extremely saddened using the information, and this case ought to cause Centennial Pool to stay closed for an undetermined amount of time,” town personnel stated in a Tuesday posting at the pool’s website tinyurl.Com/yaxs2vmu. As of Tuesday, leaks were nonetheless being repaired to pipes between the pool’s surge pit and pump room wall, but the team of workers reported another hole turned into located from the diving well window into the pump room, and paintings are being performed to address it.

“If the diving well window cannot be resealed, there may be a capability to must get rid of the window and repair that phase of the diving properly,” staff said within the submit. Meanwhile, the pool’s electric grounding system “has been compromised, and regrettably, a brand new grounding plan will be developed, then applied,” in keeping with the publish. Karen Roney, Community Services Department director, in a Thursday e-mail, said an electrical engineer could be at the pool Monday to increase a plan for repairing that grounding system, which she stated is technically called “pool bonding.” The bonding electrically connects all exposed metal gadgets no longer designed to carry strength in a room or building to defend from electrical surprise, she stated. “We cannot move ahead with different facility upkeep till we address this trouble,” Roney stated. “The electrical engineer has committed to having a plan for use with the aid of March 29; after that, we will be capable of estimate a brand new date to re-open Centennial Pool.” Centennial was built in 1974. The metropolis closed the indoor pool at 1201 Alpine St.

In August after a defective sump pump brought about flooding that substantially damaged the electrical machine. After months of having harmful exams and cost estimates and proceeding with upkeep, town officers on Feb. 6 announced that new sump pumps were up and working and that all mechanical and electrical paintings were scheduled to be finished that week. Concrete work in the diving nicely remained to be executed. Still, in that Feb. 6 update, the group of workers said the city turned into nonetheless hoping for the “exceptional-case scenario, which has Centennial Pool commencing late February or early March.” On Feb. 21, personnel announced that concrete repairs to the diving nicely had been finished, but a crack within the pool deck was observed. The timeline for the pool deck restores changed into anticipated at two to four weeks, in keeping with the Feb. 21 posting. On March 8, the group of workers stated deck crack repair plan required the pool to be full of water to equalize stress on the wall. After an initial March 7 filling of the pool commenced, new leaks had been found around pipes between a surge pit and the pump room wall

. Repairs of these pipes have been scheduled to begin March eleven, and as soon as finished, paintings changed into to begin at the deck crack upkeep and the rest of the pump room’s concrete wall. In the March 8 up to date, the team of workers estimated that those maintenances would take to three weeks, “barring no different, unexpected troubles.” Information becomes no longer available Thursday approximately what the general repair challenge has cost up to now and what additional fixes of the leaks and cracks and repairs to the electrical grounding system will fee. In October, directly before repair work to the flood-damaged mechanical room began, Roney stated at that point that Chubb Insurance, Longmont’s insurance issuer, and Envisat Forensics, Chubb’s estimator, expected the repairs might fee $423,981. Longmont’s insurance coverage has a $25,000 deductible the metropolis will cowl from its current fund, and Chubb issued an initial price of $325,464. Roney said in October that the average envisioned rate consists of the projected $70,000 worth of changing one of the facility’s boilers.

The no different city budget has been predicted to be needed for repairs at that factor, which changed before the new cracks and leaks have been found. On Thursday, Roney referred questions about the state-of-the-art fee estimates to Recreation and Golf Services Manager Jeff Friesner, who become out of the workplace and is now not scheduled to go back till Monday.