First Esports Company Begins Trading on Wall Street


Esports have dominated headlines in the gaming global for the past few years. Now they’re hoping to dominate Wall Street.

Super League Gaming, a newbie esports community, started out trading on the Nasdaq market Tuesday beneath the symbol SLGG, offering just less than 2.3 million stocks at $eleven each.

The stock to start with noticed declines of as much as nine%, in early trading.

Super League was founded in 2014 and observed a gap within the hyper-competitive field of online game tournaments by means of that specialize in normal gamers, instead of the ones hoping to play video games professionally. CEO Ann Hand has cited the enterprise as “Little League for esports.” It suggested sales of $1 million remaining yr.


Investors in the gaming quarter will likely be carefully watching the corporation’s overall performance. Esports, which until these days were being considered as an Olympic recreation, have spread at a wildfire tempo thru the industry.

Many game publishers well known they’re nevertheless identifying how satisfactory to monetize the competitions and typically see them as advertising opportunities.

However, organizers of these tournaments have set up a reliable stream of revenue, way to the continuing increase of streaming platforms like Twitch and interest from networks like ESPN in broadcasting tournaments.

The international esports market is expected to exceed $1.1 billion this year for the first time, consistent with the studies firm NewZoo.