Panathinaikos v Olympiakos: Athens derby abandoned after violence


Greek Super League aspect Panathinaikos say they “condemn unequivocally” the violence that saw their derby in opposition to town rivals Olympiakos deserted. Sunday’s suit became referred to as off with 20 minutes to go after two pitch invasions and prevent lovers and police. Players at the journeying bench have been attacked using Panathinaikos fanatics inside the first pitch invasion after simply four mins on the Athens Olympic Stadium.

Olympiakos had been leading 1-0 and have been presented the victory. “Panathinaikos FC condemns unequivocally each act of violence that happened on the Olympic Stadium and brought about the everlasting interruption of the derby,” the club stated. It accused “a small minority of the 25,000 fanatics” of failing to respect soccer and added: “From the management’s point of view, absolute condemnation of all styles of athletic violence is vital.”

Panathinaikos v Olympiakos: Athens derby abandoned after violence 1

It is known as the Greek authorities to “eventually display that it stands in the face of these activities and find an effective way to fight the violence within the stadiums definitively.” Olympiakos midfielder Kostas Fortounis stated it turned into “tough” to play in the sport and pointed out that Panathinaikos gamers had attempted to calm their fans down. “Both we and Panathinaikos wanted to retain, but while you enter the changing rooms two times and you move lower back, it is too difficult,” he added.

“It’s tragic; I can not explain it. Getting into the stadium, chasing the gamers… I haven’t any phrases.” The first hassle broke out minutes into the sport, forcing an eight-minute stoppage. More violence was observed after Olympiakos went in advance thru Miguel Angel Guerrero in the 53rd minute. Riot police attempted to incorporate the ailment with tear fuel, but because the gas began to affect the gamers, referee Marco Fritz called the sport off. Panathinaikos are expected to be punished with a factors deduction and best.