AUTO RACING: Ideal weather creates thrilling day of ice racing


LAPORTE — With the satisfactory weather conditions of the racing season up to now, 28 vehicles, drivers, and crew members came to Garfield Lake in Laporte for ice racing on Sunday.  A total of 16 B class drivers and 12 A elegance drivers had been on hand for the races. The fanatics in attendance witnessed remarkable racing with many aspect-by-aspect finishes. The racing is unfastened to watch at the east facet of the music viewing place. In the A-class, set one warmness races went to Ryan Julin and Ryan Huston, with John Farrington winning the characteristic. Set heat races have been gained by means of Farrington and Huston, with Julin triumphing the feature race.

The B elegance set one heat winner have been Sam Delaney and Cody Hoffman. The B elegance set one characteristic winner turned into Charlie Doughty. Set winners within the B elegance were Josh Bitker and Nic Lewis. Delaney picked up the checkered flag in the feature of the second one set in the B class. The racers will go back to Garfield Lake for every other day of racing this Sunday at noon. Sunday’s Results A Class Set 1 Feature (Top 10): John Farrington, Ryan Julin, John Sharpnack, Ryan Huston, Kalin Honer, Reid Watson, Bonnie Farrington, Bob Pawlitschek, Bryan Karl, Joel Harvey. Heat 1: Ryan Julin, John Farrington, Kalin Honer, Reid Watson, Joel Harvey. Heat 2: Ryan Huston, John Sharpnack, Fritz Meyers, Bonnie Farrington, Bob Pawlitschek. A Class Set 2 Feature (Top 10): Ryan Julin, Ryan Huston, John Farrington, Reid Watson, Kalin Honer, Bonnie Farrington, Joel Harvey, John Sharpnack, Bryan Karl, Bob Pawlitschek. Heat 1: John Farrington, Ryan Julin, Kalin Honer, Reid Watson, Joel Harvey. Heat 2: Ryan Huston, John Sharpnack, Bryan Karl, Bonnie Farrington, Bob Pawlitschek. B Class Set 1 Feature (Top 10): Charlie Doughty, Cody Hoffman, Sam Delaney, Nathan Doughty, Josh Bitker, Zack Tolman, Tony Rohloff, Dan Riggs, Matt Harvey, Rob Martinson.

Heat 1: Sam Delaney, Charlie Doughty, Josh Bitker, Zach Tolman, Tony Rohloff. Heat 2: Cody Hoffman, Nathan Doughty, Matt Harvey, Dennis Clark, Nic Lewis. B Class Set 2 Feature (Top 10): Sam Delaney, Nic Lewis, Cody Hoffman, Josh Bitker, Charlie Doughty, Dan Riggs, Nathan Doughty, Abe Foreman, Zach Tolman, Miranda Richards. Heat 1: Josh Bitker, Sam Delaney, Charlie Doughty, Tony Rohloff, Zach Tolman. Heat 2: Nick Lewis, Matt Harvey, Cody Hoffman, Dan Riggs, Nathan Doughty.