5 Ways To Recover After A Reputation Crisis


We live in an era of unprecedented opportunity and progress. Thanks to the internet, many people can enjoy unprecedented success because of its connections. Yet, the internet also has some serious drawbacks. One of which is the recent rise of public shaming or canceling. Here, a news piece or social media mob can cause significant reputation damage. This hurts businesses’ bottom lines and individuals’ opportunities.

A Reputation Crisis

A company or individual may find themselves in the crosshairs of the public for several reasons. The result can be a public relations strategy nightmare. The good news is there are some basic steps any individual or business can follow. These reputation repair steps will help one recover after a reputation crisis. Any reputation crisis:

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online reputation management company. Often, those who want to damage your reputation won’t back off, no matter how you apologize. So instead, a calculated approach is necessary.

public relations strategy ready, then you can issue a statement. This statement should succinctly address any faults on your side, show you have a plan for going forward, and stomp out any lingering rumors. Depending upon the nature of the reputation crisis, you may want to incorporate an apology here. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, an apology will prolong the crisis. Again, an experienced reputation company can help you decide what is right in your case.

3. Contact Online Sources for Retractions Where Possible

If part of your company or personal reputation crisis involves online editorials and news pieces, part of your strategy should connect with them. First, create a press release correcting any false information and clarifications. Then, look for online sources that wrote about the event leading to the reputation crisis. Wherever they have written false information or partial information, request a retraction. If non-clients flooded your social media platforms with bad reviews, request their retraction.

4. Flood the Feeds With Good Information

A solid recovery strategy is to bury the bad news with good. For example, don’t let a Google search of your company’s name return a first page dedicated to your reputation crisis. Instead, aim to make that first page be about company outreach, public donations, industry clout, and the like.

5. Consider Revamping Your Brand

Hard-hit individuals and businesses may want to consider this as a rebranding opportunity. Consider what part of your business contributed most to the reputation crisis and how you can change it.

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