Can Clear Become The PXG Of The Golf Ball Business?


Several years ago, I wrote about the high-priced golf balls from ClearSports and the company’s quirky club-most-effective model. That membership model has been discarded, one in all numerous changes instituted using Clear’s new president, Ed Brown. The former president and CEO of Patron Spirits International, Brown built Patron into the sector’s largest ultra-top class tequila brand, increasing sales from 118,000 instances in 2001 to extra than 2 million yearly. Brown is now hoping to discover the equal magic with some other small, excessive-give-up emblem in Clear, which till now hadn’t been located in any seasoned keep or golfing store whilst charging participants about $90 a dozen for its golf balls.

In addition to scrapping the membership approach, Brown is trying to enlarge distribution notably, slicing the fee to $68 a dozen, and promoting products direct to purchasers via the Clear internet site and by way of focusing on the pro stores of the top 500 golf equipment in the U.S. At simply underneath $6, according to the ball, Clear remains a top-class logo. Brown notes that PXG has tested that there’s another stage of golf equipment from an expenditure standpoint. The query is whether or not that extends to golf balls. Can Clear turn out to be the PXG of the golfing ball market? “Guys are inclined to spend plenty of money on drivers or putters, but they keep the ones for a while,” says Brown. “With golf balls, you may see a guy pull up in a Rolls Royce at a country club, and the following minute, you spot him fishing balls out of a lake or gambling with practice ball. So, that’s a undertaking. You’re trying to get somebody to spend quite a few cash on a golfing ball that would most effective be there for one shot.”

Can Clear Become The PXG Of The Golf Ball Business? 1

Brown, although, isn’t one to backtrack from a undertaking. He retired from Patron on the give up of 2018 after helping promote the emblem to Bacardi Limited, the most important privately held spirits company within the globe, for $five.1 billion.

“I take a look at it as to whether it’s golf, alcohol, garb; it’s only a client logo. If you virtually make a splendid product and you gift it within the proper way, then you take sooner or later at a time,” says Brown. “I’m now not a massive guy on stressful about what number of income I’m getting this month. It’s extra approximately — am I getting the pleasant distribution? Am I getting the right human beings behind the emblem? Am I getting the right human beings the use the logo? With that stuff, I’ll be a very affected person on how I do this.” Brown said he’s friendly with Bob Parsons, the billionaire founding father of GoDaddy who created PXG; however, he didn’t are trying to find his recommendation as he moved into the golf commercial enterprise and shifted his awareness from tequila to urethane. Parsons toyed with the idea of making golf balls at one factor for approximately six to 8 months before concentrating totally on making clubs.

“The motive our clubs are a success is because they have a large performance benefit,” says Parsons. “It wasn’t just they put a price on it, and we were going to sell it. For golfing balls – and I’m no longer in that market — but that’s a tough marketplace.” Brown insists when golfers attempt Clear’s golfing balls – the softer three-piece Red and less assailable four-piece Black – they’ll see and feel the overall performance advantages. Costs run better than the opposition due to a concerned production manner that consists of proprietary core technology, a top-class urethane cover, and stringent nice control measures. “It’s about proving that you are the best, however additionally getting it out to the loads and marketing it the way that I wish I can,” says Brown, who has modified Clear’s logo and enhanced the packaging. He toyed with converting the name. However, he opted against it. “I’m a large man on simple tag lines, like `Clearly the Best’ or `Clearly Perfect.’ So, I said I couldn’t alternate the name.”

Branding was a big part of Patron’s success. Another is that Brown made it beneficial for his vendors to push his tequila. It’s an approach he hopes to emulate with Clear. “I knew my vendors would promote Patron before another brand because it was extra worthwhile for them, and they were after one thing – the lowest line,” Brown says. “So, I’m going to make Clear greater profitable for a pro shop than what a Titleist, TaylorMade, or Callaway can be.” Under the club model, the Clear balls had been popular with former expert athletes and celebrities. Brown says he wants to goal different styles of influencers in the future, specifically partnering with some PGA TOUR and LPGA gamers. The first seasoned to play Clear’s golfing balls is Skip Kendall at the Champions Tour.

Brown is aware that tough the installed manufacturers might be an uphill climb, particularly because they have the huge advertising budgets (and sales) that he enjoyed at Patron. “I think there’s a room accessible for an alternative, as long because it’s a very good product,” says Brown. “If someone can play the ball and sense and see the difference, then you definately have a chance. In the manner I look at this, you don’t have to get a huge piece in their commercial enterprise. You get five percent, and that’s a exquisite quantity of sales.”

So, can Clear do for golf balls what PXG did for golfing golf equipment? Parsons says he desires Brown “all of the achievement within the world” but acknowledges that it might be tough without the dimensions that the huge-call golfing ball manufacturers have. “I can don’t forget after I first met Bob, I said I could recognize GoDaddy, however golfing clubs, and at this rate?” says Brown. And he did. “He goes, “You might think I’m crazy; however, I’ll be making money in a yr.’ “You have a pair of these years which might be difficult work,” he adds. “But if it hits, it’ll be right.”