Will PUBG’s Ban by Gujarat Govt Increase the Mobile Game’s Popularity?


In its twelve months of inception, PUBG Mobile took the internet by a typhoon. It hit two hundred million downloads in eight months. However, this sport has emerged as a dependency for millennials, and as a result, it became banned in China. Last week, after seeing young people of India indulging in violent sports and harming themselves, four cities in Gujarat, including Surat, Bhavnagar, Gir Somnath, and Rajkot, also observed them shape. After the prohibition, the government remains stern approximately the ban, and ten students in Rajkot have been put at the back of the bars for playing the game.

Highlight the ill effects of the game, N Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, stated, “PUBG is one of the terrible outcomes of the modern-day international of multi-consumer gaming. Working on a dopamine fixation reward gadget, it has dreams of destroying opposing teams, with rewards that include looting the ‘killed’ opposition tools. It is an addictive great, and even adults were hooked to the sport.” Following the latest arrests and ban, PUBG Mobile released an official announcement hinting their plans to controlling sports time spent consistent with a day for the under-elderly players. “In consonance with our enterprise to keep promoting responsible gaming revel in, we’re running on the introduction of a healthful gameplay gadget in India to sell balanced, responsible gaming, such as proscribing playtime for beneath-aged gamers.

Will PUBG's Ban by Gujarat Govt Increase the Mobile Game’s Popularity? 1We have been accordingly surprised to examine that neighborhood governments in a few towns have determined to impose a ban on gambling our sport. We are working on recognizing the criminal basis of such prohibitions. We desire to have a positive dialogue with the applicable government to explain our goals, and they withdraw the prohibition. To PUBG Mobile players, we need to assure you that we are in your aspect, and we will strive our pleasure to discover an affordable solution,” read their declaration. However, as they are saying, any exposure is the right publicity. Even after Nestle’s Maggi became banned, people endured ingesting it. It became hoarded and provided illegally. Considering how gaming is a huge enchantment for manufacturers, PUBG currently got related URI, a 207 crore series movie this 12 months. And because of its big number of downloads and popularity, it’ll hold to attract manufacturers no matter the talk. All it desires is a while, and the application’s revenue will hold to an upward push. “Any affiliation between a brand and a product have a reciprocal relationship.

What accrues in advantageous also depletes when destructive problems stand up. A brand should apprehend those positives and negatives before moving into any partnership. As opposed to recognition guiding the association, the relationship potential ought to be mutually matched shopping for propensity, or keenness that each exudes towards audiences,” stated Chandramouli. After the Indian Government prohibited porn in our country, the intake charge saw a notable hike on the no longer banned websites. According to Hindustan Times, those websites acquired a mean of billion in 3 months after the ban. So, thinking that this sport also targets the same age organization, who get easily addicted and are rebels by nature, will the popularity rise? “The reputation of recreation will increase due to the fact any controversy helps in gaining reputation. The sport can also have a natural decline,” stated Ram Gudipati, Founder, Brand Harvest Consultancy. From February 2019 to March, the interest in PUBG on Google began dipping, after which came the prohibition of the sport in Gujarat. As a result, in the past seven days, PUBG has seen an upsurge on Google Trends. Most queries hailed from the NorthEastern part of India.

“A ban brings attention to something which can have been unnoticed in advance by way of most people. The recreation is already the maximum popular one in India because 2018 and can attain a new height in downloads due to this pointless interest by using the arrest of a few teenagers in Rajkot,” said Saurabh Uboweja, International Brand Expert and CEO, Brands of Desire. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the customers stood with the emblem even as a total few supported the Government’s pass.