It appears an American football online game is proposing Aliens, Predators, and the ol’ pigskin known as Cosmic Hard Bowl was at one point deliberate for the Sega Genesis. However, much information surrounding the alleged game stays unknown. Revealed by way of the National Videogame Museum located in Frisco, Texas, promotional idea art changed into allegedly unearthed for this bizarre mash-up. The promotional materials are primarily in Japanese, even though one picture featuring a hand-drawn alien sporting a soccer jersey includes the caption “So you want a Genesis recreation with real impact?” Luckily, a translation of the closing Japanese textual content become furnished through Mitch Mitchell.

One image cautioned the sport might take area in 2702 AD, pointing out “Mankind [was] neutralized [in] the four hundred+ yr battle among Aliens and Predators. Now they have agreed to finalize the battle by way of American Football on Earth. The Alien Football League and the Predator Football League have been born and fierce battles for the Super Bowl Title. There was handiest one new rule: the quarterback needs to be human.” The substances also endorse each league could consist of six groups unfold across America.

Team names allegedly blanketed Los Angeles Blade Runners, Houston Exterminators, San Francisco Black Catfish, New York Psychic Murders, and Miami Dolphins Creatures. It’s uncertain where these pix got here from, which developer was running on Cosmic Hard Bowl, or even if the sport ever made it into complete manufacturing. The Sega Genesis, branded as the Mega Drive in some regions of outdoor North America, turned launched in 1989. Various Alien, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator video games had been released in the following years, even though perhaps the game pleasant akin to Cosmic Hard Bowl is EA’s Mutant League Football – although it’s completely unknown if there’s any relation.