Their lives revolve round Jesus


Papa de Jesus, Mama de Jesus, Hermano de Jesus!

One came across this exciting Mexican circle of relatives, with these words printed on the back in their tees, at the Special Olympics World Games here on Tuesday nighttime.

Were all of them ‘born again’? One turned into curious to recognise.

“We just want to show our support to my brother Jesus, who is competing in equestrian inside the World Games here. He’s the dad of Jesus, she’s the mom, and I, ‘hermano’, that means brother of Jesus. They are all in Spanish,” defined Gustavo Amador Arroyo.

“My brother Jesus has Down’s Syndrome…we want him to recognize that we’re close to him and this is why we’re sporting this.”

When Jesus Amador become younger, his dad and mom tried everything to convey him out of his shell.

“We had physiotherapy for him and later a teach advised that he attempt equestrian. So, my dad said, ‘why no longer, let’s attempt’. And so, he commenced competing in a lot of competitions,” said Gustavo, Jesus’ brother, who changed into a terrific footballer some years ago.

But the horses are pretty different to the ones Jesus is used to lower back home.

“The horses, furnished by using the Police here, are simply distinctive. They are of a high race, they are more potent, have numerous strength so it is a chunk difficult for the athletes,” said Gustavo.

“Back domestic, the horses are quieter.”