Horse Racing In Georgia? Maybe — Place Your Bets


The thoroughbred racing industry has by no means gotten a lot of traction in Georgia because of the anti-playing faction or, in different phrases, the ubiquitous church lobby. Never mind that Georgia delivered the lottery in 1993; horse racing is visible as extra sinful than a scratch-off recreation. So a state with ideal weather for a racing song has been, how do you say, stalled — the political climate, but maybe changing within the Bible Belt. “The Bible thumpers are a touch difficult in this. However, they may be aging, and their kids aren’t thumping quite so heavily,” said Dr. Susan Harding, a widespread practitioner in south Georgia who owns 21 thoroughbreds. “Yes, this country desires horse racing.”

BrandonBeach (R-Alpharetta) is sponsoring a pari-mutuel invoice that has made it out of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee to the Rules Committee. “That has by no means befell before,” Beach said. All he needed to do become say the magic word. Jobs. The law Beach is sponsoring is known as the “Rural Georgia Jobs and Growth Act.” It is a veteran circulate with the aid of a veteran pol due to the fact while citizens see it on the poll as a constitutional change, they may be going to think jobs, no longer horses. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE “I’m seeking to create an equine industry right here,” Beach said. “I think we have the precise climate for a two-month (racing) schedule. It’s too hot in Florida and too cold in Kentucky and New York. Horse racing is a perfect aspect. However, I’m seeking to grow horse farms, hay farms, and breeding and auctions. “The real cash is inside the breeding and auctions. However, you could’t have the breeding without the horse racing component.

Horse Racing In Georgia? Maybe -- Place Your Bets 1

We want to construct a Keeneland-type global-elegance facility that we should get a Breeders Cup. For each horse inside the state of Georgia, they inform me it’s 20 jobs.” Harding has trained horses, and they said she sends them to tracks within the Midwest and Northeast. While she continues her clinical practice with an 80-hour workweek, she can’t accompany the horses. She said trainers lollygag together with her horses and do no longer get them in enough races. “They visit remote tracks, and you never get to look them,” Harding stated. “The teacher sits on them for 6 weeks, and that they move directly downhill. Knock them out of the gates, get them a gate card, and race. When I send a horse to the music, they are prepared to race.” The pari-mutuel invoice—once more, the “Rural Georgia Jobs and Growth Act”—is attached to a constitutional modification to be voted on in November. Casinos need to be a part of the equation because retaining a thoroughbred track is high priced.

Gov. Brian Kemp has reputedly dropped his opposition to a bill sponsoring casinos in Georgia. If the law for horse racing and casinos is accepted, the state must make certain the horsemen are cut into the casino’s haul of coins. The nation of Georgia will demand as a minimum 25% of gross revenue for taxes from the casinos, and the legislature wishes to apply a number of those budgets to the renovation of a song. “It’s not reasonably priced strolling a tune,” Dr. Harding said. “You need to get all the gambling in that you can, and that’s in which the online casino comes in.” There is some other issue. In Florida, it has grown to be common for “music” to open. However, it is nothing extra than a starter protecting a red rag that’s dropped before two nags jog 30 yards on a dust route. It’s a horse race that satisfies the state law that allows a casino to operate 50 yards away. Georgia has to keep away from that sham of “Racino.”