Zubiri says arnis eyeing golden surge in SEA Games


There are not any ambitious promises of a golden sweep, but expectancies are sky-excessive that Philippine arnis will make contributions a big share to the united states’s medal hunt within the thirtieth Southeast Asian Games. Arnis, which gives 20 gold medals, is a martial art that originated inside the Philippines.

“We should do well in arnis in the SEA Games because it is our country wide sport,” said Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, president of the Philippine Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation

. “But it’s sincerely tough to win all of it; other nations also are regularly improving,” Zubiri added. According to the arnis chief, Vietnam has a terrific software at the same time as Cambodia, Myanmar and Brunei have additionally devoted to look action inside the area at some point of the Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 SEA Games that the Philippines will host.

During the 2005 Manila SEA Games, the Philippines received 3 of the six gold medals in arnis, even as Vietnam captured the rest of the mints. “Our target is to win majority of the activities and help increase our universal medal tally,” stated Zubiri, an arnis countrywide champion in the course of his high. The Philippines is closely banking on its fight athletes to corner a large amount of gold medals.