Ben Hogan Golf to offer forged, milled putters at direct-to-consumer costs


Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company now provides a line of milled forged putters to its direct-to-consumer commercial enterprise model, and once more, one of the promoting factors maybe price. The Ben Hogan Precision Milled putter lineup functions four classic putter designs, all manufactured with exertions-in-depth forging and milling techniques. Every being sold for what company CEO Scott White called “extraordinary” prices. The 4 putters inside the line are cast from 1020 carbon metallic in a multi-step manner. The heads are then CNC milled, and then a long-lasting Diamond Black Metal finish is brought to each head.

Ben Hogan Golf to offer forged, milled putters at direct-to-consumer costs 1

“A a-hundred-percent cast, CNC precision milled putter, is not the least luxurious nor the very best manner to make a putter by way of any manner. However, we believe it’s far the satisfactory manner,” White stated. “Our manufacturing facility-direct enterprise model provides golfers with an ultra-premium forged milled putter at a fee some distance much less than many mass-marketplace funding cast putters. This is extraordinary given the texture, consistency, and natural performance attributes of our cast putters.” The 4 models encompass a plumber’s neck blade with one shaft offset and a forty-three-diploma toe grasp; a face-balanced blade with a double-bend shaft; a flow-neck blade with a 55-degree toe grasp; and a face-balanced, conventional sized mallet. All four putters are built with two levels of the loft. All of the new Ben Hogan putters may be custom designed for loft, duration, lie angle, in addition to grip. All spec information is supplied using the client. The Ben Hogan Precision Milled putters are to be had at benhogangolf.Com for $250.