Muscular monkey captured in lovely pix: ‘Looks like it’s competing in a body building contest’


Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger and “Saturday Night Live’s” Hans and Franz – this monkey wants to “pump you up.” A Finnish photographer snapped these super photos of this muscular monkey while touring the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki.

Thirty-4-year-vintage Santeri Oksanen said he could not consider his eyes while looking at the current primate. “I could not trust the huge muscles that the monkey had,” Oksanen stated in feedback acquired with the aid of SWNS. “The other monkeys had been tiny in comparison; all of them seemed a piece afraid of her.”

Oksanen endured: “The snapshots make it look like it’s competing in a bodybuilding contest.” The form of a monkey, called a white-confronted saki, is known for its muscular build, often spending a lot in their lives swinging from tree to tree.

Muscular monkey captured in lovely pix: 'Looks like it's competing in a body building contest' 1

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