Martial arts competitors take domestic gold


Destiny Martial Arts (DMA) noticed many individuals deliver home medals from cutting-edge matches with more than 600 competitors. The 2019 Phoenix Taekwondo Fire and Ice Championships turned into held in Edmonton on March eight and nine, welcoming challengers to compete in sparring and styles in any respect belt ranges. “We once more did remarkably inside the medal matter, and one in every one of our teachers gained the gold medal in sparring,” said Dana Johnson, a martial arts trainer with DMA. “It was fierce opposition, to mention the least.”

Colin Parrott, a 25-yr-antique teacher with DMA, has been concerned with martial arts for 19 years. “I’ve been a black belt given that I become 11,” he said.

“I took two years off from competing due to injuries. This became my first competition back, and I turned into able to come away with a first-area win in men’s sparring.” For him, the tournament’s highlight becomes the possibility to spar against some excessive-quit competition who traveled throughout Canada and from the U.S. For the occasion. Joanna Shestak, age 12, competed at the purple belt level and received one in two suits.

Martial arts competitors take domestic gold 1

“I found out some new approaches to spar inside the competition,” she said.

“Everyone has a one-of-a-kind fashion of sparring so that I can regulate and practice more for the following one.” Another of DMA’s athletes, 15-year-old Rick McLaughlin, has been an education for a yr and a half with DMA, and he had the opportunity to compete for a level above his typical blue stripe.

“This changed into my 2nd event ever, so I was pretty apprehensive,” he said. “I turned into excited to enter the ring, and all of it occurred so fast that I wasn’t sure how I become doing. Then the choice placed my hand up as the winner, and I can’t even explain the sensation. I changed into so glad.”