Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Watersports


There’s something approximately presidents and an infatuation with pee that we can’t shake. First, Trump with his complete “pee tape” scandal and now Jair Bolsonaro, the homophobic president of Brazil who tweeted an express video that functions — amongst other things — a person in a jockstrap having a bit of a shower.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Watersports 1

A golden bath. You know, a bit something to enhance the shine of the hair! In every other tweet, Bolsonaro requested what golden showers were. Well, sis, satisfied you asked. To put it plainly: a golden shower is an act wherein one man or woman pees on any other — or a couple of, as we’ve seen it. It falls below a preferred umbrella of watersports that is a kink that entails playing with urine. Sometimes that’s as simple as a golden shower, now and again, it consists of consuming the liquid, and in different instances, it’s urinating even as having sex.

And at the same time, as it can all be checked out as “sexual play,” as simply one part of the sexual experience, it can also stand alone. Some people need to be peed on, and there’s not anything wrong with that. Here, we had three queer kinksters, who’re familiar with watersports, talk to us approximately their character studies, supply us with suggestions on what to do, and why, exactly, human beings post to warm, golden streams. I started in watersports about 15 years ago. There changed into this guy I used to surf with — you in no way recognize whether or not these surfer guys are homosexual, bi, or what. Anyway, we came from browsing as soon as, he said, “Hey, do you need to head returned in your place, smoke a joint, and pee on every other?” I didn’t recognize if he was kidding or if he turned into going to bash me, or if he becomes baiting me. So I just went to the side of it like,

“Yeah, sure something.” We went again to his residence, and he made this bong out of tinfoil. We both drank like a gallon of water and talked — now not about that, however just about guy stuff — and then we went into the restroom, laid a few towels down, put on the pinnacle of every different, and only secure and started out peeing. It was such a tremendous feeling because I felt like I become melting into him. It was an existence converting occasion for me. So I started going online and mentioning it to guys and explored it greater.