Bumble’s Blog: Ashes names and numbers, dinosaurs and York underneath water!


It’s getting into spring now, and I’ve got a pleasing little riverboat up in York; I went to take it out for a birthday spin, but York turned into underwater, so I’m going to try again this weekend. I became going to go to Accrington Stanley towards Rochdale, and that turned into a flood off, my alternative turned into watching FC United as opposed to York, but that changed into a flood too! So this weekend I’ll be trying once more for York City as opposed to Boston.

Bumble's Blog: Ashes names and numbers, dinosaurs and York underneath water! 1

York is going through managers like warm cakes; now they have got Steve Watson, former Newcastle and Everton player, and seem to be a bit steadier. Stanley had a great win away at Wycombe; we wanted that. We’re playing exceptional but cannot get it within the return of the net! For me, it is all eyes on the soccer till the end of the season now. Last week, although, it became the Cheltenham Festival. I came out on the wrong aspect at the give-up of the week. However, I’m a completely sensible punter, and I take a look at it as paying modestly for a few excellent amusements.

The ICC announced this week that the gamers might have their names and numbers again in their shirts in the course of the Ashes. Anybody who’s towards that ought to be high-quality fun to go out with! Of path, you’ve got names and numbers on, and it must have been done years in the past. People talk approximately way of life – nonsense! Absolute nonsense! I’m now not interested in tradition and ‘what we’ve usually carried out. I had a chairman called Lord MacLaurin, and one of the things he stated that has usually caught with me changed into, “in no way tell me we’ve usually executed it like this, tell me how you’re going to do it.”